Tuesday, December 12, 2017

IT’S OFFICIAL: Bitcoin Surpasses "Tulip Mania", Now The Biggest Bubble In World History

By Tyler Durden

One month ago, a chart from Convoy Investments went viral for showing that among all of the world's most famous asset bubbles, bitcoin was only lagging the infamous 17th century "Tulip Mania."

One month later, the price of bitcoin has exploded even higher, and so it is time to refresh where in the global bubble race bitcoin now stands, and also whether it has finally surpassed "Tulips."

Conveniently, overnight the former Bridgewater analysts Howard Wang and Robert Wu who make up Convoy, released the answer in the form of an updated version of their asset bubble chart. In the new commentary, Wang writes that the Bitcoin prices have again more than doubled since the last update, and "its price has now gone up over 17 times this year, 64 times over the last three years and superseded that of the Dutch Tulip’s climb over the same time frame."

That's right: as of this moment it is official that bitcoin is now the biggest bubble in history, having surpassed the Tulip Mania of 1634-1637:

Larwyn's Linx: Media Manuevers To Manipulate Alabama Voters: the GOPe Agenda

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Media Manuevers To Manipulate Alabama Voters: the GOPe Agenda: Treehouse
The Port Authority Attack is a Snapshot of Our Future: Brandon J. Weichert
Memo to American Muslims: Shari Goodman and John Steinreich

Terror in Midtown — and the City Council still wants to rein in cops: Post
Officials: Chain migration allowed NY terror suspect to enter US: Nicole Darrah
Port Authority explosion suspect ID'd in NYC blast as Akayed Ullah: ABC-7

After NY terror attack, POTUS calls for immigration reform: Rebecca Pinnington
US Muslim Brotherhood Operative Calls for Execution of the President: Joe Kaufman
Trump sending more immigration judges to hear cases: Martin Barillas

The Fourth Stage Of American History: The Z Man
Roy Moore Proves Media Only Destroys Itself in Elections: Patrick Howley
Future of GOP civil war comes down to Moore and the AL Senate race: David M. Drucker

Scandal Central

Wife Of Demoted DOJ Official Worked For Fusion GPS During The Campaign: Chuck Ross
Trump Accusers on Megyn Kelly’s Show Tied to Soros, Hard-Left Ops Known for Lying: Sara Noble
Calls strengthen for State Senators Miles and Uresti to step down: KXAN

Sometimes Conspiracy Theories are Not Theories: Sundance
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Washington Post: It’s America’s Time To “Fight On The Beaches”: William Teach
New Yorker Drops Ryan Lizza Due to Alleged Sexual Misconduct: Mary Chastain
Sex and the Single Goal: David Catron


Synagogue in Malmo firebombed two days after attack on Gothenburg Synagogue: Victor Laszlo
Venezuela’s dictatorship holds an ‘election,’ hunger wins by a landslide: Alberto de la Cruz
How's Socialism Doing in Venezuela?: Debbie D'Souza

By All Means, Let's Try and Replicate Europe's Experience: V_of_Europe
Women Under Islam: gender repression in the Muslim world.: Daphne Patai
About Our Creepy Saudi ‘Friends’: Doug Bandow

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Winklevoss twins become world’s first bitcoin billionaires: Post
Israeli-Developed Rescue Robot Can Walk or Fly to Aid Those in Danger: The Tower
Moonbat Sexually Harasses Robots: Dave Blount


Funeral Potatoes, Green Jell-O and Hoodoos: MOTUS
Ticket Prices Collapse as NFL Shovels Money at Commissioner Roger Goodell: Dave Blount
Some Questions for Netflix: Trevor Timm

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QOTD: "Five people suffered minor injuries and a man is in custody after an explosion in the subway under the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan... A pipe bomb affixed to the suspect with Velcro straps detonated at about 7:20 a.m. Monday in the passageway between subway lines that runs a full city block under 42nd Street between 7th and 8th avenues.

The bomber, according to police, is 27-year-old Akayed Ullah from Bangladesh. He is now in a New York City hospital with burns to his arms and torso and other serious injuries from the blast...

...According to New York City police, Ullah is a Bangladeshi national living in Brooklyn, who came to the U.S. in 2011 on an F-4 family [chain migration] visa. Police said he now has a green card and is a permanent resident. A few years ago he worked as a New York City livery driver. Police are searching his apartment, where they say the bomb was made." --Chuck Goudie

Monday, December 11, 2017

STUNNER: Latest Terror Attack Courtesy of Chain Migration From America-Hating, Third World Hell-Hole

Brandon J. Weichert writes that "today's attack is a snapshot of our future" if Democrats are allowed to continue setting immigration policy.

New York City on Monday suffered another terror attack at the hands of a young Muslim man who swore fealty to the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham (better known as ISIS). The 27-year-old Bangladeshi national strapped a pipe bomb on himself and attempted to detonate it at the New York City Port Authority in the middle of morning rush hour.

Three people were injured (mercifully, there were no deaths), and the would-be bomber, identified as Akayed Ullah, was taken to a nearby hospital.

It is a good thing for New York City and the country that the terrorist wannabe did not understand how to build a proper pipe bomb. If he had, there likely would be many people dead and maimed, much economic damage, and another wave of fear would grip the city and the nation.
And how did this animal enter the U.S.?

Larwyn's Linx: Did Adam Schiff Just Get Caught in an Elaborate Counterintelligence Sting?

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Did Adam Schiff Just Get Caught in an Elaborate Counterintelligence Sting?: Treehouse
Trump's Immigration Policies Are Working: Michael Cutler
Why Demanding A Right To ‘Dignity’ Destroys All Rights And Dignity Itself: Nathanael Blake

‘Everyone On Mueller’s Team Can Be Investigated’….Here’s How: Patrick Howley
WaPo: Trump's Hard Line on Illegals Bad For “Law Abiding Illegals” Or Something: RWN
Fired Mueller Agent’s Wife Deletes Clinton Support; Also Worked For Obama: BLP

Still paying for Bill Clinton: Don Surber
Has Trump found religion in the Oval Office?: Matthew Nussbaum, Politico
Chip Roy: The conservative candidate we've been waiting for: Daniel Horowitz

I go to UC Berkeley and I'm watching free speech slip away: Max Keating
I want to Bring Back Illinois, which is why I support Jeanne Ives for governor: John Ruberry
Is Jeff Sessions being blackmailed?: Robert Arvay


That Democratic rhetoric about taxing the rich? It's a con: Exam
Republican tax bill would tie the hands of blue-state governments: Joseph Lawler
Officials Announce First DoD-Wide Audit, Call for Budget Certainty: Jim Garamone

Scandal Central

13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller: ZH
Fusion GPS tried to tie Trump to Clinton’s pedophile pal Epstein as part of smear campaign: Rowan Scarborough
Sessions confirms to Howie Carr: DOJ investigating Ohr’s Steele Dossier ties: BFT

Climate, Energy & Regulations

More Global Warming Fraud: This Time, It’s Sea Level: John Hinderaker
Starving Polar Bear Video Makes Climate Alarmists Even Nuttier: William Teach
Starving polar bears: the fake news face of climate change: Fabius Maximus


Sam Stein Gets Pwnt Going After O'Keefe: Imperator_Rex
CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ Turns Network’s Colossal Screwup Into An Attack On Trump : Chuck Ross
Time to Get CNN Out of the Airports, etc.: Roger L. Simon


Path of Progress: WRSA
Firebombing Jewish Children in Sweden: Bruce Bawer
China makes chilling invasion threat to US as WW3 fears grow: Jamie Micklethwaite

Islamic State All But Destroyed: BattleSwarm
Iraq Declares Stunning Victory Over ISIS in Trump’s First Year As President: RWN
Christmas Market Cancelled as Organisers Couldn’t Afford €20,000 Anti-Terror Barrier Bill: Victoria Friedman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How Google’s Quantum Computer Could Change the World: Jack Nicas
Female Entrepreneur: Google’s ‘Women in Tech’ Program Ostracized Her for Being Conservative: TruePundit
Phishing Attacks on Bitcoin Wallets Intensify as Price Goes Higher and Higher: Catalin Cimpanu


Top 10 Ugliest Crossovers and SUVs of 2017: AutoGuide
Physicist Geordie Rose recruits techies to create a ‘tsunami’ of AI demons who see humans as ants: Fellowship
Bullied boy called ‘ugly’ has celebrities rallying behind him: Post

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

MARK LEVIN: Trump is the Most Conservative President Since Reagan

By Mark Levin

Can you imagine – we’re not even done with the first year, what’s been going on here – what this man Trump might be able to accomplish?

And the reason I and so many of you are celebrating so much of what he’s doing is because so much of what he’s doing is conservative.

So much of what he’s doing is conservative – trying to rein in regulations. I don’t agree with this tax plan, but still, he’s trying to cut taxes. He’s trying to secure American sovereignty, which includes, like any country that seeks to survive, securing our borders for crying out loud. He’s trying to deal with North Korea, which hasn’t been dealt with in any significant and serious way by past presidents, all of whom have appeased the various family members running that country. He’s trying to address Obama’s complete historic sellout to the Iranian regime. He’s trying to address that through the Obama deal by triggering the appropriate sections of that deal.

And I could go on. If you’re a conservative, you must admit that Donald Trump has been more conservative than you anticipated, which is why most conservatives – I’m not talking about self-aggrandizing, pseudo-conservatives who worked for Bush or self-aggrandizing, pseudo-conservatives who were a part of the Never Trump movement. I’m not talking about them. They’ve got their own agendas and their own psychological issues. When you look at this honestly and objectively – and remember, I supported Cruz in the Republican primaries, so I know of what I speak – you have to conclude that Donald Trump is the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan.

Larwyn's Linx: The U.S. Media Yesterday Suffered its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages

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The U.S. Media Yesterday Suffered its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages: Glenn Greenwald
Forget the CNN Angle. Look around yourself at the big picture. : Treehouse
Trump's Decidedly Not Hitler: Clarice Feldman

House intel panel chair finds evidence of abuse in fed surveillance: Catherine Herridge
Coup And The Gang: Camp of the Saints
The Department of Justice Blueprint for Fake Investigations: Lee Cary

Mueller's "special counsel" is stonewalling Congress and protecting the FBI: WSJ
From A Legal Perspective, Mueller’s Investigation Is Dead. Here’s Why: Nick James
More Clinton ties on Mueller team: Fox

Trump honors civil rights icons at opening of Civil Rights Museum: Melissa Quinn
The Truth About Jerusalem: Israelly Cool
Levin: Example of ‘Why People Hate Government’ - Personal HOA Problem: Michael Morris


Trump slams Democrats for 'putting national security at risk' over spending bill: Melissa Quinn
Why are America's farmers killing themselves in record numbers?: Debbie Weingarten
Crazy Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Goes Up 1200 Percent: Sara Noble

Scandal Central

Thanks, Hillary: African slaves cut open for their kidneys in Libya's burgeoning organ market: Lara Rebello
Mueller investigator previously defended Clinton IT staffer: Chris Pandolfo
Influential 9th Circuit Judge Now Accused Of Sexual Harassment – It’s Bad: RWN

YouTube continues to restrict many PragerU videos. Fight back!: PragerU
The FBI Is Now Investigating The NY Governor’s Office: Jazz Shaw
Calif. Fire Victim Stops Potential Arsonist in Anaheim: Hetty Chang

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Jerry Brown: California Wildfires Set To Become The “New Normal” Or Something: William Teach
Trump shrinks national monuments — and with it, Obama’s legacy: Cheryl K. Chumley


Obama invokes Nazi Germany in warning about today's politics: Miranda Green
Megyn Kelly’s Living in Liberal TV Hell: Sara Noble
The Shooting Of Daniel Shaver: The Law Enforcement Perspective: Patterico

E-mails reveal Post reporter savaging conservatives, rooting for Democrats: Jonathan Strong
Levin: Donald Trump Is ‘Most Conservative President Since Ronald Reagan’: Michael Morris
We’re the Type of Americans They Want to Go Away: John Hawkins

The Warlock Hunt: Claire Berlinski
Sadly, Trump Is Winning: HuffPo
Chicago Judge Gives Woman Charged In Facebook Live Hate Crime A Shocking Sentence: Rachel Mullen


EU begins court action against Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic over migrant quotas: JihadWatch
U.S. Still Won’t List Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital on Official Docs, Passports, Maps: Adam Kredo
North Korean nuclear test moved the planet's crust: DailyMail

Synagogue firebombed in Göteborg, as Islamic battle cry heard at ‘Days of Rage’ in European cities: Vijeta Uniyal
Three arrested after attempted arson attack at Swedish synagogue: Jpost
Muslims Practice Chopping Off Heads at Mosque: Kevin Jackson

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Chinese web users amazed by transparent cloth which makes a person disappear: DailyMail
Engineers 3-D print a “living tattoo”: Jennifer Chu
AI creates a 'false reality' that is almost identical to the real world: DailyMail


Mueller: A Man of the People: Cube
The Shed at Dulwich, a Parable For the Punked: MOTUS
UFO over North Korea?: Express

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Saturday, December 09, 2017

THE REAL RUSSIA SCANDAL: How Hillary’s Bogus Dossier Made it to the DOJ and FBI

By Daniel Greenfield

We know how the Steele dossier, funded by Hillary, provided by the Russians and arranged by Fusion GPS and their British contact, made it into the FBI. The intriguing question though had been how it made to the DOJ. Because Obama Inc. didn't just want the investigation they have now. They were also looking to eavesdrop and unmask Trump associates. They wanted this to look like a legitimate investigation.

And that meant the dossier had to be seeded across law enforcement.

Now we have a partial answer.

2020: The New Hillary Banner Ads are Here! The New Hillary Banner Ads are Here!

By Evil Smiley

It's true. Hillary is reportedly eyeing another presidential run in 2020.

We received from a covert source -- call it StickyLeaks -- the following sneak preview of the Hillary banner ads for 2020:

Larwyn's Linx: How the FBI Criminalized Trump’s Transition

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How the FBI Criminalized Trump’s Transition: Thomas Farnan
Mueller Investigator Represented Clinton Aide Who Smashed BlackBerrys: Debra Heine
Top Mueller Attorney Attended Hillary’s Election Night Party: Kemberlee Kaye

Rod Rosenstein Overcome by Soros Swamp Gas: J. Christian Adams
Jordan: Sessions Should Name Special Counsel For Clinton Or Resign: Brandon Morse
David Brock May Be Illegally Funding An Effort To Impeach Trump: Robert Donachie

Former Jeb! Staffer Planted Anti-Moore Coverage in Washington Post: Patrick Howley
34 House Republicans Call for DACA Amnesty Before End of the Year: NUSA
Fantasy Train: Kerry Jackson

NY A.G. Warns of 'Guns in Times Square' with Concealed Carry Reciprocity: PJM
The Supreme Court versus the Constitution : James W. Lucas
Video: The Shooting Of Daniel Shaver: Hot Air


MAGAnomics: November Report Adds 228K Jobs, Including 31K Manufacturing: Treehouse
Let's Kill the Community Development Block Grant: Steven Malanga
Trump administration wants to move government offices out of Washington: Evan Halper

Scandal Central

Trey Gowdy: “What The Hell” Was An Anti-Trumper FBI Agent Doing Investigating Clinton?: Brandon Morse
FBI Investigating Governor Andrew Cuomo's Administration: ARP
Democrat outraged that taxpayers paid $220,000 sexual harassment claim against him: Blaze

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Photos: Otherworldly scenes unfold as Thomas fire burns into the night: LAT
California hospitals inundated with breathing complaints: DailyMail
Mass. AG Wants ‘Climate Change’ Warning Labels At Gas Stations: William Teach


Media missed the story of the year: Don Surber
18 Questions CNN Needs To Answer After Getting Busted For Fake News: Mollie Hemingway
The media's Russia probe meltdown: 3 screw-ups in one week: Shane Savitsky

CNN: Today's winner of the Foolitzer Prize: Don Surber
CNN Botches Major ‘Bombshell’ Alleging Contacts Between Don Jr. And WikiLeaks: Chuck Ross
After CNN’s latest colossal error, Trump lays burn: ‘You should have been apologizing last 2 years’: BPR

The evening news and the gunslinger called Trump: Jon Rappoport
Leftwing Evangelicals: An Oxymoron?: Susan Brown
The Boston Herald filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was sold to GateHouse Media: Joy Henry


U.S. Embassy Victims in Cuba Have Brain Abnormalities: Mary Chastain
Israeli chief rabbi: ‘Trump will be remembered forever’: INN
Obviously, the Jews will go after Mecca next. (Yes, Muslims are really saying that.): Elder of Ziyon

Kim Jong Un’s North Korea: Life inside the totalitarian state: WaPo
Promise Kept: Trump, Mattis turn military loose on ISIS, smashing terror caliphate: Hollie McKay
Welcome to the Hell Hole that is Brussels: Drieu Godefridi

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New cars to be equipped with 'complimentary' TSA PreCheck biometric scanners: MassPrivateI
Facebook Co-Founder Unintentionally Explains Why Net Neutrality Is Unnecessary: William Teach
Wall Street Bank Oppose Bitcoin Futures, But Goldman Sachs is Ready: NewsBTC


Things That Make Me Worry About The Sustainability Of Planet Earthl: MOTUS
Pics: Married FBI lawyer who exchanged 10,000 texts with Anti-Trump investigator: DailyMail
Director Bryan Singer, Long Accused of Hosting Underage Sex Parties, Sued for Rape of 17 Year Old Boy: Ace

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QOTD: "The Bulgarian parliament has moved to criminalise the promotion of radical Islam, including advocating a caliphate, religious violence, and sharia law.

The legislature adopted the amendments to the nation’s criminal code aimed at tackling radical Islam on their first reading this Wednesday...

...Promoting any ideology of violence or one threatening the law and constitution of the nation could be punishable with one to five years in jail and a fine of around £2,000, the Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik reports." --Liam Deacon

Friday, December 08, 2017

GREAT NEWS: Deputy A.G. Rosenstein Delighted With the Conflicted, Out-of-Control Monster He Created

By Daniel John Sobieski

In an interview with a local D.C. TV station, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein admired the monster he created, who now runs an alleged investigation into supposed Russia-Trump collusion but which quickly morphed into what amounts to a silent coup against a sitting President of the United States:

Rosenstein has much to be accountable for. Yes, Virginia, this is a witch hunt. Robert Mueller III was appointed special counsel after his friend, the vindictive former FBI Director James Comey, committed a federal crime by leaking a memo which was a government record to the press. Mueller has picked staff and prosecutors as if he were stocking Hillary Clinton’s Department of Justice. He has picked a bevy of Clinton donors, an attorney who worked for the Clinton Foundation, a former Watergate assistant prosecutor, and even a senior advisor to Eric Holder. Objective professionals all.

THE #FAKENEWS LAUGHINGSTOCK: Another CNN "Russia Bombshell" Story Explodes in Their Faces

By Bic Mitchum

Not to be left out of this week’s batch of reporting that went too far, too fast:

unfortunately has joined the pattern of other outlets (see below) in publishing an inaccurate story regarding the Russia investigation.

Mere hours after CNN reported on an “exclusive,” alleging the Trump campaign received Wikileaks information before it was public, the story came crumbling down with the Washington Post reporting that the emailed information in question was already public before being emailed to the campaign.

Larwyn's Linx: Christopher Wray Refuses to Say if Steele Dossier Used for FISA Warrant

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Christopher Wray Refuses to Say if Steele Dossier Used for FISA Warrant: Ace
Jordan Presses Wray to Release FISA Application for Trump Surveillance: Debra Heine
Dossier author was in contact with Obama Justice Department: Byron York

The Al Franken Decade Finally Ends: BattleSwarm
Franken’s Phony Finale: George Neumayr
Franken accused of groping journalist at Media Matters Obama inauguration party: Fox

House plots sexual harassment reforms after new accusations: Susan Ferrechio
Erik Prince Accuses Obama Officials of Illegal Spying: Bill Gertz
Why You Must Not Call Snowflakes Snowflakes: Dave Blount

President Trump’s Democratic Opponents Ranked: Matthew Continetti
On Concealed Carry Bill, Gun Grabbers Suddenly Support States' Rights: RWN
Time to Tear Down These Schools: Steven Greenhut


Trump Administration Is About To Gut Public Sector Labor Unions: RS
ADP Services Reports Largest Number of New Manufacturing Jobs in History: Jim Hoft
Fake Tax Reform: Peter Schiff

Scandal Central

Did A Corrupt FBI Give Hillary Clinton A Free Pass? Sure Looks Like It: IBD
DOJ Demotes Official Over Trump Dossier Contacts: Chuck Ross
Retiring Dem Gutierrez Paid Wife $430,000 From Campaign Funds: Joe Schoffstall

Climate, Energy & Regulations

More than 400 structures destroyed in 115,000-acre Ventura County wildfire: LAT
It’s Snowing In South Texas: You Know What That Means, Right?: William Teach
No, Bitcoin Won't Boil the Oceans: Elaine Ou


Juanita Broaddrick rips Time’s ‘silence breakers’ snub: ‘I didn’t fit in their liberal victim mold’: Times
Obama: I'm Not Saying Trump Is Hitler, But Have You Ever Seen Them in the Same Room Together?: Ace
Al-MSNBC Declares 3 Days of Rage: Andrew Kugle


Bring Me My Bow Of Burning Gold: BattleSwarm
Religious Freedom in the Muslim World: A Nuanced Appraisal: Daniel Philpott
The Middle East ‘Peace Process’ Meme: WHAT Peace Process?: Dov Fischer

Mark Levin: Hebrew scholars will study Trump’s Jerusalem decision ‘for the rest of time’: Douglas Ernst
PDT's Jerusalem Move Deals a Blow to Terrorism: Daniel Greenfield
Levin torches hypocrite Dem flip-floppers on Jerusalem: Nate Madden

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Coinbase is now the No. 1 iPhone app in the U.S.: Thank $18,000 Bitcoin.: Rani Molla
An investor’s view of AI in 2018: Yoav Tzruya
Bitcoin’s Berserker Run Resumes After Exchange Breaks; Novogratz Says “Not Close To The End": ZH


Bike Lanes: Massive Fail: Dave Blount
Just Think Of Them As Democratic Operatives With Security Clearances: MOTUS
Pfizer denies fumes from Viagra factory are arousing town's males: Mike Moffitt

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Thursday, December 07, 2017

OH, NOES: Bitcoin will cause global warming or something

By Michael Bastasch

Bitcoin has caught the attention of liberal writers who argue the digital crypto-currency is contributing to --- yes, you guessed it -- global warming.

Vox and The New Republic have pieces out highlighting the massive amounts of energy it takes to mine Bitcoins, most of which comes from fossil fuels. Most Bitcoins are mined in China, fueled by cheap coal power.

TNR’s Emily Atkin wrote that “Bitcoins are contributing to the warming of the atmosphere without providing a significant public benefit in return,” adding “[w]e only have 32 years left for carbon emissions to peak and then rapidly decrease, if our planet is to remain livable.”

WAY, WAY BACK IN 2016: When lying to the FBI wasn’t a crime

By Daniel Greenfield

“There's always conflicting recollections of facts,” FBI Director Comey said.

It was a year ago and Comey was explaining why Hillary’s close aide, Cheryl Mills, not only received an immunity agreement in exchange for turning over her laptop, but a pass on lying to the FBI.

The FBI Director claimed that Mills had to receive immunity because the laptop might be protected by attorney-client privilege. Mills, like Hillary Clinton, had worked as a lawyer. But they were both government officials working for the State Department. Hillary wasn’t Mills’ client. The government was. 

Comey and his people knew the law. They chose to ignore it to protect a key Hillary aide from rolling over.

Larwyn's Linx: Strategic Omnidirectional MAGA-Winning is Ongoing

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Strategic Omnidirectional MAGA-Winning is Ongoing: Treehouse
Mueller Investigator Personally Represented Ben Rhodes, Clinton Foundation: Bre Payton
Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: Mueller Should Step Down: Ben Shapiro

All roads lead back to Peter Strzok: Scott Johnson
'Over 10,000 texts' of Mueller team found after discovery of anti-Trump messages: Fox
Russian Lawyer Who Met Don Jr. Testifies: There’s Just One Problem: Chuck Ross

Grassley Intensifies Probe Into Anti-Trump Bias at FBI: Susan Crabtree
Chuck Schumer pushes 'dear friend' Al Franken toward the door: Al Weaver
AZ Police Chief: Upholding Law By Cracking Down On Illegal Aliens Is Bad: RWN

National Gun-Carry Reciprocity Bill Passes the House: Stephen Gutowski
Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Of 2017: Herschel Smith
Shocker! Dem Rep. Lies About Mass Shootings To Fight Concealed Carry: Sarah Rumpf


Trump to the rescue: GOP hopes the president can salvage a spending deal: Susan Ferrechio
Real target of Republican tax bills: Feds, eds, and meds bloat: Michael Barone
Economics Prof: $21,000,000,000,000 Missing From Federal Budget: Dave Bloun

Scandal Central

New accusations hit two prominent Democratic state legislators from Texas: Olivia Messer
Conyers’ Son, Handpicked Successor Was Previously Arrested for Domestic Assault: Alex Griswold
Grassley: I Want all FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s Anti-Trump Texts: TruePundit

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Utah 'Monument' Was a Reward to a Clinton Donor: Daniel John Sobieski
Enacting A Carbon Tax Would Stop California Wildfires Or Something: William Teach
Newest Thing That Contributes To ‘Climate Change’: Bitcoin: William Teach


I Believe Franken’s Accusers Because He Groped Me, Too: Tina Dupuy, The Atlantic
Obama Warns Trump Will Lead America to Genocide Like Hitler, Media Yawn: Kristine Marsh
Days of Media Rage about Jerusalem: Noah Pollak

Bloomberg, WSJ Correct Inaccurate Reports That Mueller Subpoenaed Trump’s Bank Accounts: Alex Griswold
Bubba Times at the Times: Steven Hayward
Leftist Professors: Reporting on the Ideological Excesses of Leftist Professors Is “Violence”: Dave Blount


Jerusalem Flies American Flags, Muslims Burn Them: Daniel Greenfield
Breaking: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Isn’t the End of the World: Jon Gabriel
Oh no! Gates of Hell! This is unpreceden.... Oh.: NeonTaster

Promise Keeper: Matthew Continetti
Old city Walls, Jerusalem: Vlad Tepes
Kremlin Propagandist: Trump Dangerous, More Unpredictable than Kim Jong-un: Catherine A. Fitzpatrick

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Unbelievable: YouTube censures Polish government video: SPEISA
FBI lacks 'technical ability' to crack most smartphone encryption: Pete Kasperowicz
AWS' Internet of Things efforts get a new OS: Sead Fadilpašić


Historical photos of Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941: Daily News
Local Pearl Harbor survivor's memories of Dec. 7, 1941 still vivid 76 years later: Pilot Online
Tyranny of the Cat Ladies: GayPatriot

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QOTD: "[It's] funny to see all the people who’ve been calling Donald Trump a ‘Nazi’ are livid he’d affirm Israel’s capital as Jerusalem." --Erick Erickson